Introducing the VULSINI Cold Bag

Ideal for cryotherapy stone treatments We are proud to announce the latest in our innovative insulated bags: the VULSINI Cold Bag. This portable, easy-to-carry cold bag is a stylish solution for therapists looking… Continue reading

Win a hot stone or warm bamboo massage course

This month we’re offering five qualified therapists the opportunity to win a one day Hot Stone or Warm Bamboo training course, worth £145. Winners are free to choose which course to attend, with the training taking place… Continue reading

Career Opportunities In Mobile Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is extremely popular these days. If you aspire to be a massage therapist, you can always start by going mobile. Mobile massage business does not require you to invest in… Continue reading

Portable Massage Heating Bag Vs. Water Stone Heaters

In a portable massage heating bag you can pre heat the stones and make it ready for treatment. It retains the temperature inside and keeps the stones warm. You can easily carry it… Continue reading

Use of Cold Marine Stones in Hot Stone Massage

Marine stones, also known as rocks, are found in water near volcanic regions. They are shaped by water flow and plants in the water. So they are used as a cool massage technique… Continue reading

Types Of Chakra Stones For Hot Stone Massage

The stones used in hot stone massage are basalt rock. It is a type of igneous rock which means it is formed from the lava of the volcano. Because of this they feature… Continue reading

How To Configure Your Personal Massage Stone Kit?

Hot stone massage is quite hot topics in everybody’s chat now days. Instead of going to spa, you can have your personal stone massage kit. You can do massage regularly and whenever you… Continue reading