Portable Massage Heating Bag Vs. Water Stone Heaters

In a portable massage heating bag you can pre heat the stones and make it ready for treatment. It retains the temperature inside and keeps the stones warm. You can easily carry it anywhere. In case you are venturing into mobile massage business for a hot stone massage then this portable massage heating bag will be perfect for you. You can heat the stones before you leave for your appointment and this portable massage heating bag keeps the stones warm. In case you feel that the stones need to be slightly warmer, you can heat them on the go with the car lighter adaptor.

Water stone heaters have been traditionally used for years to heat hot stones. You can have this heater with capacity of up to 20 litres but they come in various sizes depending on needs of the customer. Traditionally using an analogue dial to control the temperature, the latest heaters are digital. However, many people have found these units cumbersome as they require the use of many liters of, often hot, water. As well as being a safety hazard, the hot water can cause excess humidity during a treatment resulting in extra fatigue for the therapist.